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More Than Just a Beauty Spa Treatment..

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It's not unusual for massage to be thought of as a luxury once in a blue moon treatment. When I first started out I was constantly asked if I was going mobile and wasn't I crazy for not pandering to the needs of those luxury clients who would pay for me to visit their homes? In actual fact, though I am very capable and enjoy delivering the gentler healing treatments such as Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Swedish Body Massage, this wasn't always my top goal as a massage therapist. If you've read any of my previous blogs about muscle knots or back, neck and shoulder issues, you will know that what I enjoy the most about the sort of massage therapy I deliver is the ability to provide a remedial therapy using sports and deep tissue massage that can have several significant and beneficial effects for my clients such as;

  • Prolong your athletic or sporting career
  • Relieve muscular discomfort and pain
  • Improve range of movement in a joint
  • Break down scar tissue
  • Rehabilitate injured muscle

When a client walks through my door showing signs of discomfort in any area of their body, for any reason at all, all I want to do is get them on the couch and put my hands to work on alleviating their pain and start the process of releasing the muscles from their restricted condition, the end result for my clients, athletes, gym users, office workers, personal trainers etc, depends on how much they are prepared to commit to improving their quality of life.

Massage therapy is exactly that, therapy. It needs consistency, and dedication. Remember that your massage therapist is most likely working to try and improve something that you have been putting up with for a number of years. This is what we call 'general adaptation syndrome', putting up with a discomfort until it becomes part of your normal everyday existence. It can't all be undone in one session and when you leave our therapy rooms and return to the same lifestyle choices as you have been adhering to all your adult life, the only real way to effect lasting change is to be consistent with your appointments, and follow any aftercare guidelines which may include home exercise or stretches that your therapist recommends to you. Whilst your initial thoughts may be concerned with the financial commitment; remember that although your therapist may initially suggest weekly or two weekly appointments, as long as you are committed to your own aftercare the sessions will reduce in frequency over time until they become a matter of maintenance. Most massage therapists will have a bulk booking option which will save you some money, but the key to improvement is completing the initial course as recommended by your therapist.

Massage has evolved from the days of the Turkish Hammam or the Japanese Spa. Today Massage therapy is as essential to improving quality of life for a wide range of clients, as good health is to each and every one of us, it is as essential as working limbs and muscles to a dancer, working hands to massage therapist, or PA, or hip mobility to a horse rider.

One of my regular clients who initially came to me after a fall off her horse but has since proceeded to come for regular maintenance massages.  Maintaining mobility and a degree of flexibility is essential to good riding skills. After a difficult and exhausting day at the stables alleviating a stiff back for example is key to prolonging this riders sporting career.

One of my body building clients comes to me regularly to alleviate the discomfort his day job brings to him, thus facilitating his body building career so that he can achieve and maintain the best results possible.
At Tiger Therapy we offer a range of treatments that can be tailored to suit every individual, from a deep tissue massage for a specific area to our very own Tiger Fusion Massage that encompasses some deep tissue techniques on a foundation of a Swedish Massage (see our website for details)

Don't delay seeing a massage therapist, get an appointment today, get those aches and pains seen to.

Big Tiger Hug.


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