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Writing a dissertation during the 2020 Lockdown..

Since writing a dissertation on working online, I now work with NHS referrals through social prescribing schemes. The clients vary greatly in their needs, pathologies, and ages.  Self Care during this time has become increasingly important in the absence of touch and the increase in working from home without proper desks, becoming increasingly sedentary , and of course more isolated.  During the first lockdown I researched and produced a qualitative dissertation around the delivery of online rehabilitation, during which I learnt a great deal. The outcome of my work wasn't based on statistics since it was not a quantitative study, it was however indicative of what we know gives us the maximum opportunity for successful outcomes, it highlights the importance of the biopsychosocial approach to massage work and allowed me as a therapist the opportunity to expand and develop an area of my work that usually occupied the smallest space. Writing a dissertation was by far the toughest challenge I had put myself through in recent years but it was worth every minute. To say what I would do differently would honestly open up the start of yet another research project entirely! This year I was fortunate enough to present that dissertation at The 2021 JING Clinical Research Conference . 


A qualitative study of online intervention with six participants was undertaken over an eight-week period, to assess the personal growth and development of a manual-bodyworker transferring to online intervention during the covid-19 pandemic in March 2020. Participants were of no specific age or gender and a variety of pathologies were treated. The content of the intervention was developed and adapted from the ‘teaching’ aspect of the Jing HFMAST protocol. The aims were to observe and reflect on the development in skill set and capability of the therapist.  Four main themes were established; Covid-19 lockdown changed the delivery of the existing massage format, the therapist’s ability to prescribe safe and appropriate rehabilitation exercise, therapeutic alliance and exercise adherence.  The study demonstrated learning and growth in the skill set and development of working with participants online, in the absence of manual bodywork.

Presenting the dissertation at the Jing Clinical Research Conference

To view and have access to the presentation recording visit the Jing website. 

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