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Complementary Therapies.

Weight Training. Power Lifting. Pole Dancing. Aerial Hoop. Martial Arts. Yoga. Running. The list could be endless, but all could be referred to as a therapy, and all of them are complementary to each other as well as to those who undertake them.
For many of us who train or engage in some sort of regular physical activity, the positive effects aside from the obvious physical benefits could be termed as 'Complementary Therapy'. We all know that exercise releases endorphins and that makes us feel good, but what about the benefits of a well rounded physical activity routine that encompasses the ying to the yang?

A lover of Kick Boxing and weight training myself, a recent return to yoga has reminded me of not only where I started, but also the fact that I have, to some extent, neglected my body. In my tunnel vision of wanting to lift heavy I left behind a key activity that would not only complement my strength training but would also have kept my muscles in far better condition than they are now.

When it is my turn to be on the couch an entire new solar system can be found creating a galaxy round my shoulders for instance. If only I had complemented that 2 dimensional lifting obsession with the sort of muscle conditioning you can only get from say, Yoga. The fluid movement, the strength, the endurance, the flexibility that I would still have, that would be a huge benefit to the kick boxing as well as my all round mobility, and my own personal interpretation of what it means to bit fit, strong & healthy.

A recent convert to Aerial Hoop I have also realised how much this also complements my strength, my ability (or at least attempted ability) to lift and manoeuvre my own body in not only a 3 dimensional fashion but a way that makes me feel the polar opposite of what I feel when I'm weight lifting.

Weight lifting has a superb emotional benefit on my self esteem, Kick Boxing and sparring forces me to move in all directions and use every teeny tiny muscle in my body, Yoga pacifies me, calms my mind and challenges my endurance, my balance, keeps my muscles in good health after a punishing heavy weight session and Aerial Hoop? well, the fun is endless. The challenge of keeping yourself in that hoop using positions and muscles you do not usually use to prevent yourself falling, learning new moves and trying to shift my 65kg bodyweight into a graceful posture, what a way to top my week!

Complementary Therapies. Whatever your poison, whatever your preference, support your physical exertions with a practise that will enhance you. Keep yourself open to variation, A practise of well rounded physical activity must surely have its benefits emotionally & psychologically as well as physically.

Big Tiger Hug!


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