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Assessment & Consultation

During a consultation we will discuss the reasons you have sought out a massage treatment, what you would like help with, and how things will proceed. This is a safe space for you to share as little or as much as you like, I will listen and try interpret your needs and your explanation of what's occurring. We will set a goal and a benchmark in order record an outcome. Orthopaedic testing and/or special tests may be applied to help understand what the problem may be. 

Clinical Massage

Effective, outcome based treatment for alleviating pain and increasing range of motion, utilises very specific techniques designed to improve sports injuries, RSI, and chronic pain conditions. This is usually joint specific and very detailed work, this can be quite fatiguing and should be considered if there are systemic conditions and/or recovery is an issue. Massage Fusion may be more appropriate.

Hot Rocks

A fusion of clinical massage work with hot stones. Useful with particularly hypertonic muscle tissue that is often hyper sensitive and irritable. Heat is extremely useful for calming the central nervous system and in turn the muscle tissue.

Massage Fusion

The Jing Method of blended work, utilising clinical work combined with myofascial work, table Thai stretches and broad work. Suitable for clients experiencing emotional issues and MSK injuries for example, clients in extreme amounts of pain, or particularly sensitive clients. This treatment can and will be adapted intuitively and according to individual needs.

Stress & Chronic Pain

This is a beautiful combination of fascial work, heat application (hot stones) and breath work. Perfect for alleviating stress, using heat and specific acupressure points to calm the central nervous system.  Excellent for use with respiratory conditions, and systemic conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Parkinson's, osteoporosis . This is a broad yet powerful treatment.

Certified RockDoc

Rocktape service for the application of kinesiology tape (Rocktape brand only). Rocktape is predominately used for symptom relief, and proprioceptive feedback to help keep you active and reduce healing times.

Queer Clinic 

First Monday of every month, Tiger is proud to be one of the therapists providing low cost massage to the LGBTQ community! To book email Rosie.

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