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How the Magic Happens....

First time clients should select "First Appointment 90minutes". This is specifically for those of you booking in online who haven't previously had an appointment with me. This is still charged the same as 1 hour session and will include full assessment and consultation, for free! If the consultation takes less than 30 minutes we will finish the session early as you are paying for a 1 hour massage treatment. If you are looking for a 90 minutes treatment time, please select "Massage Fusion 90 minutes".

Fix in 6

After you assessment and first treatment we will have a clearer picture on what may be best for you. Sometimes this might mean a commitment of a further 5 sessions. We should start to see results at around session 3, sometimes this happens before, sometimes it takes a bit longer, and this may not always be a linear process. Along the way will asses and re-asses making any adjustments necessary. 

Options are a block of 5 for £290, or a block of 6 £350. The blocks do have expiration date of 90 days after purchase, some consideration for personal circumstances will always be considered.  

Once you have purchased a block, a code will automatically be generated and you should use this code, when booking further appointments to avoid being charged again. You can register for an account if this is helpful.

Subscription Options

The Sumatran Cub

The Sumatran Cub

Access to 1 massage per month . This is best suited to regular maintenance work after a block of repair sessions or as part of a regular survival regime.

The Sumatran Tiger is the smaller of the three subscription options and though a smaller tiger, a Survivor. The Sumatran is the only breed left in its native habitat of Indo-China. It bears strong dark stripes and is half the size of either the Siberian or Bengal.

All packages have been designed to make your life easier, to empower you in your wellbeing intentions.

The Classic Bengal

Access to two massages per month of your choice. A subscription suitable for the maintenance warrior who also needs regular optimal recovery from intense physical activity and/or a stressful or physically demanding job. Promoting longevity in either work or play.

The Bengal Tiger is what you might picture when you think of a Tiger, The Classic and Iconic Tiger. It is also the oldest of all the Tiger Species and the most well known.

All packages have been designed to make your life easier, to empower you in your wellbeing intentions.

The Big Siberian

Access to 3 massage a month, anything more would suggest a requirement of a block booking for repair and pain relief. Suitable for clients focused on mental and physical rehabilitation, more intensive personal maintenance, supporting longevity and wellbeing for those with demanding lifestyles. An opportunity to combine clinical work for physical repair and mental health unwinding, and even a little Luxury.

The Siberian Tiger is the largest of all Tigers and indeed the big cats. With its broad chest and big skull the Siberian Tiger is paler in colour and has thicker fur due to its habitat of cold climates and mountainous regions.

All packages have been designed to make your life easier, to empower you in your wellbeing intentions.


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