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Clinical Massage Therapy for Chronic Pain Management, Injury Recovery, & Wellbeing.
Body Work & Online Self Care.

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Merry Christmas. 

How can I help You?

Advanced Clinical Massage is an outcome based treatment designed to return your body to a position of ease, thereby reducing pain and promoting soft tissue repair and healing. The Jing method embraces several valuable modalities such as, Sports Techniques, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point therapy, Orthopaedic Assessment & Special Tests, Rehabilitative aftercare and most importantly, Kindness and Wellbeing.

Kindness & Science..

Whilst my work encompasses a calming, grounding nurturing element, it also embraces the science of anatomy and injury assessment and repair. I tend not to work full body for chronic pain issues or injury repair as my work is detailed and very specific, however there is a time and place for full body work when matched with the appropriate goal or desired outcome.

Working Online, Staying Connected...

Self Care online addresses the biospychosocial model in its delivery of effective education for a pathology or injury and its offering of holding a safe space. In place of body work, breathing techniques, mobilisations, stretching, movement and self massage, all designed to calm the parasympathetic nervous system are part of what we can do together, online. Rehabilitative work for physical injury and pain are worked together in bespoke treatment plans and can use a variety of tools and equipment. 

Embrace your inner Tiger..

I made the decision to quit full time employment in 2014. I had been working as a personal trainer part time, every evening after work and eventually I just wanted to embrace a different life. I wanted a life that I was in charge of. I had no previous experience of building a business, I rented a treatment room in London and I spent my last pennies on the first months rent and some flyers. Over the next 5 years I built a business I was immensely proud of. Having moved to Hove the most significant thing about what I can offer is the value I place in my clients. My clients are more than just my income, they are my community.  


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