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Covid-19 Policy

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 
• New measures include the wearing of PPE - I will be wearing a face mask, visor and apron during our session. 
• In order to continue offering you my best work – and still be able to transmit slow specific shear forces - I will not be wearing gloves, but observing ( as I always have) strict handwashing and hygiene protocols before and after every treatment. 
• If you would prefer a treatment with gloves, I will have gloves available on hand.
Minimising Non-Essential Contact 
• In order to minimise interpersonal contact time, and time spent within the limited ventilation environment of an indoor space - there have been some modifications to treatment times and booking procedures. 
• All appointments will need to be pre-booked.
• Clients are asked to arrive NO MORE THAN FIVE MINUTES BEFORE your appointment. 
• This allows us to reduce the coming and going of people within the reception and waiting areas in line with government guidelines on reduced contact - minimising opportunities for the virus to spread 

Booking Procedures 
• All appointments will booked  and prepaid online to minimise handling of cash, and reduce contact points via card payment systems. 
• This will also reduce non-essential ‘face to face’ contact time, giving you the opportunity to state or update your health history, current pain complaint and / or treatment objectives before you show up for your appointment.
• We may still undergo some quick physical assessments and a quick chat to check in how you are feeling before the appointment, however we will try out best to keep this short and sweet to minimise contact and maximise treatment time.  
• Covid-19 pre-treatment screening and health declaration will be emailed in advance and must be returned before your appointment.
• If you do not have access to a computer but would like to make a booking, it is possible to pre-book with me over the phone and fill in the forms when you arrive. 
• If this is the case, email me with your booking request and we can arrange a date to proceed with a phone consultation. 
Updated Refund Policy in Relation to Covid-19 Cancellations
• If you begin experiencing any of the signs and symptoms related to Covid-19 before your appointment date, please do email me or cancel your online booking immediately. 
• It is however essential that you inform me via email, text message or phone call. 
• In order to protect my livelihood, failures to inform me of any intended cancellations will be marked down as no-shows, which are not refundable. 
Sanitization and Hygiene Protocols 
• I will be operating with longer gaps between treatments in order to dedicate more time to cleaning and sanitization exercises
• I will also be observing strict hygiene protocols and ask that my clients to do the same by sanitising or washing their hands immediately upon arrival (there will be hand sanitiser in the reception table).  
• There will be a plastic lidded box which is sanitised before and after every client for you to store your shoes and belongings in the treatment space to avoid potential for contamination by falling aerosols. 
• You can contribute to making this a safer environment by bringing your own water bottles, and avoid touching surfaces such as doorframes, walls and shelf surfaces wherever possible. 
• It is advisable that you wash your hands after your treatment session, there will be a pedal-operated washbasin, disposable hand towels and pedal bin inside the treatment room for you to do so. 
Compliance with Government Guidelines
These changes have been made in accordance with Government guidelines.  Be assured that I have done everything I can to be able to continue to offer the same high standard of service as before. I hope you've been keeping safe and well, and am looking forward to seeing you again!


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