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Caroline Perry (Climber)

I love climbing as much as I can but sometimes that and my desk job take their toll.   Tiger Therapy’s excellent sports massage helps me get back on the rock! 

Naomi Feinsteinn

I find the treatment very effective.  You seem very well informed and can usually identify what is needed to treat the symptoms.  Other massage treatments I have had seen more random.  So that's a real plus for me.  I like the link with the gym.  If I had an issue then the opportunity to co-ordinate between you and PT on treatment is very beneficial.  I also like the time saving of being able to do it while at gym so I don't have two separate journeys.  

I feel relaxed and comfortable with you which is obviously important. 

Demetriana Pandi

Marina and Marianna 's different expertise makes them the best combination for a massage team. Marina is rocking it in sports massage and she is amazing every time I go to her for a specific problem while Marianna can give you that relaxing treatment for when you just fancy a massage. Go tiger team!

Jonathan Tweed (Base Camp Everest Climber)

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that the massage services provided by Marina are absolutely fantastic and have allowed me to transform my health and fitness over the last few months.

I've been affected by a shoulder problem on and off for about the last eight years and have seen a couple of different physios in that time. No one else has put the effort into resolving it like Marina has and her hot stones massage treatments have left it feeling better than I can remember for many years.

This has let me rebuild my fitness to the point that I'm able to take on the two week trek to Everest Base Camp this April, which is something I'd never have been to able to do without Marina's magic stones.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You have all quite literally changed my life for the better and I am most indebted.

Kirsty McIntyre (Event and Wedding Floral designer)

When I first saw Marina, my entire back, shoulders and glutes were rock solid from the combination of an active and physical job which requires a lot of lifting, my training and then long stretches at my desk. I noticed a significant improvement in my movement even after my first hour's massage - I was able to squat much deeper. Marina has done some amazing work on the rest of my back and shoulders, and I book in regularly now so that I am able to sustain the demands of my work. Her hot stone deep tissue massages have helped my upper back no end (and make the treatment more relaxing) and I love that we have a good laugh every time!

Marianna Kaye (Massage Therapist)

I saw Marina's leaflet months and months ago while waiting for a yoga class... the way she described her practice was so inspiring to me that I couldn't stop thinking about it. I'm now training to be a massage therapist and knew that at some point I would come and see her, but terrible lower back pain brought me along today. I didn't intend to tell her the whole story, but she was so incredibly warm and friendly that I had to reveal it... and her generosity in explaining the massage and just the skill in the massage has floored me. What an experience! Couldn't recommend more.

Danica Maynerd (Estate Agent & Body Builder)

Tiger therapy is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! I'm soooo happy that I found Marina she is literally a legend!! She kinda combines Thai, Swedish and deep tissue sports massage all at the same time which is like totally off the dial!!!! I've also been to see her for a specialist injury too which she treated with the greatest care and attention. I would highly recommend Tiger therapy to any of my friends or athletes as this is the best treatment I have ever had can't wait to go back again ASAP!! Thanks Marina xxxxx

Lisa Kent (Personal Trainer, Kick Boxing Instructor)

I had a fab massage today with Marina Kyriacou, who decided that she was going to take on my rock solid rhomboids! I think she won 😜 Getting a hot stone massage next week to continue the good work - thanks Marina!

Kirsty Lyons (Virtual Assistant)

I went to see Marina at Tiger Therapy as I was suffering from extremely tight calves that were causing me a lot of discomfort whenever I walked for just a few minutes (it was pretty bad, looking back).

Marina recommended some deep tissue work to release the tension in my legs. She also checked the rest of me and suggested the same for my arms and back.

I noticed big improvements after just one session. After a few sessions my legs felt as good as new. I'm amazed! Exercise has been a lot easier, so much so that I have been able to start running and yoga and actually look forward to it rather than dreading how right my legs will get. Result: I've lost half a stone.

I highly recommend that office workers and those who don't do much exercise (yet) go to see Marina. She'll give you a whole new lease of life.

Melissa Atkin (Black Belt Kick Boxer)

I went to see Marina after receiving a voucher and am now a regular client. She was able to work out problems I didn't know I had. I work an office job and do martial arts, even after my first visit I notice a difference in the way I sit at my laptop, in my martial arts training and on a day-to-day basis. I had a couple of problem areas I thought I just had to live with but she was able to resolve these for me permanently. I would highly recommend her.

Anya Thomas (Architect)

I have suffered from chronic muscle tension for the past 10 years and have seen osteopaths, chiropractors and many other therapists over this time.

Marina has been the most useful in terms of long-term sustained improvement. She has an amazing knowledge of the body and has been committed to attaining real results. She is very professional and knowledgeable. I could not recommend her more.

Rachel Chisholm (Barrister)

'I started appointments with Marina for deep tissue massages on my neck and shoulders. In only a few sessions I really started to notice a difference. Marina's approach is friendly and effective. She is able to mix her skills in deep tissue as well as other types of massage to make sure each session is varied. I would thoroughly recommend Marina, she is an excellent massage therapist.'

Jon Musker (IT Consultant, Runner)

I booked a short course of deep-tissue massage at Tiger Therapy six months ago to help cope with some stress in my personal life. The massage therapy was fantastic and helped relieve my muscular strains and pains. I also loved the down to earth and friendly approach of Marina I now find a regular session with Tiger Therapy is an essential part of my week.

Shelley Whitehead (Relationship & Life Coach)

Really loved my wonderful relaxing massage and gifted one to a friend for her birthday. She, like me felt like we were floating on air afterwards. Thank you Marina for your beautiful healing touch.

Tina Fuller

Excellent Indian Head Massage, Marina the therapist is lovely and tailored the session to suit my needs. My knots didn't know what hit them! Well worth making a booking! Absolutely recommend!

Chrissie Rose

Two fantastic full body massages! Really relaxing, super luxurious, felt amazing and really tackled my knotted shoulders. A million out of 10. Definitely booking another session.

Hannah Zussman (Personal Trainer, Power Lifter)

A wonderful, professional reflexology treatment. I felt like I was walking on clouds. Marina made me feel totally at ease and gave a wonderful treatment.

Angieszka Skwarka

I've met Marina some time ago but somehow didn't manage to book any appointments with her however, as they say – better late than never! I'm so glad I've booked Marina before Xmas to sort out my painful back/shoulders. I can honestly say that this lady is the best masseuse I've ever been to. Her back deep tissue massage really sorted out my problem after only two sessions and it was very pleasurable, despite the pain (which I really like!). Very strong & magic hands!!!
I've just done a reflexology session with Marina and it was another amazing and a completely different experience - very pleasurable and relaxing, I nearly fall asleep twice! I can't wait for more!
Thank you very much for your help and I'll see you next week!
A very happy client ☺

Chryssanthi Dafopoulou (Clinical Hypnotherapist)

I remember meeting Marina for the first time and being impressed by her professionalism and energy. She was very communicative and helpful and she had that magic touch that makes you trust people.Marina is very encouraging and instinctive in helping people.She measures you up and know how to help you instantly, on a physical and emotional level.She is also a person that gives from the heart, and that transforms her work to a vocation.

Reka Szentmihalyi (Personal Trainer)

As a new mum after 3 months of feeding, carrying my baby and sleeping in weird positions my back was really tight and sore. Marina's magic hands helped my tired muscles relax and the headache I'd had has disappeared.
Thank you Marina x

Poppy Alfredou (Personal Trainer, Class Instructor)

I am a personal trainer so I always have very tight muscles! Marina is amazing at sports massages! She is small but mighty! Thanks for the help I always feel knots-free straight away!

Sheela Hiremath

Hi Marina,

Thanks for a fantastic massage, I didn't realise how much I needed it. Looking forward to my next treatment.

Renata Gabor (Massage Therapist)

Thank you very much for the deep leg work yesterday Marina! You will make me do splits again! It was hurting- it made me aware of my condition, but I am now a healthy survivor! I will be listening to my body from now on not just speaking to it! Just as important.


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