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5 Reasons I personally recommend a slow mindful yoga class over a fast paced dynamic yoga class..

As I always say to all my clients, Yoga is a fundamentally good basis for any kind of regular mindful practise. What we learn through a consistent yoga practise is focus, good breathing techniques, strength and suppleness, as well as all the positive emotional benefits a good yoga practise can give. For those days when you want to work your body in a passive way, stretch out the bad postures of the week and clear your mind, I highly recommend a slow paced yoga class that gives you the opportunity to sink in and absorb the pose, before moving on to the next one.

Not to say that there’s anything wrong with a strong dynamic flow, or an Astanga class for instance, however as a recommendation from me, your massage therapist, to you the client, there are some specific reasons to choose a slow paced class that encourages the use of props and holds the asanas (poses) longer.

If you’ve come to me in the first place its usually because you are suffering with chronic pain or injury, or you want to improve your range of motion because you want to kick above the waist or punch to full reach again. So here’s the thing, taking longer in the pose and using props and bolsters will develop your understanding of what you are trying to achieve with your own rehabilitation more profoundly, than moving through the poses quickly, we are trying to get to know our bodies again, building our endurance is another lesson for another day!

Its a useful tool of rehabilitation!
I usually suggest yoga as some form of rehabilitation at some point down the line of our work together in trying to reduce your pain and increase range of motion. Why? Because yoga does exactly what I need you to do in rehab; strengthening and stretching of certain muscle groups. Of course in a general class you will most certainly strengthen and stretch muscles of the whole body, but being mindful in your practise you can make adjustments and take easy options where necessary and go deeper when it is safe to do so, and you will always be aware of your own needs.

Connecting mind and body!
Part of rehab is to reconnect your mind with your body and a therapeutic yoga class will help with this on at least two levels, Firstly your gradual appreciation of the differences within yourself of your dominant and non dominant sides and secondly it’s a chance to work within your pain barrier mobilising the injured joint and reprogramming those pain signals in a safe and guided practise and under supervision and with props. Building the layers gradually.

Be accountable to yourself! 
Going to a class holds you accountable to yourself and encourages the consistent commitment needed for rehab work to be effective and the slow pace of a therapeutic class will be less of a risk of re-injury as it removes the element of competitiveness and encourages the art of letting go.

Open up your fascia!
Because letting go IS surrendering, and if you can start to find it within yourself to let go, you will open your fascia as well as your mind. Opening up the fascia will go a long way to helping us decrease your pain and increase your range, it will enhance everything I am trying to achieve with you within that 1 hour per week window!

Making it real!
Because yoga works on mind and body and this is just as much a fundamental part of recovery as massage and rehabilitation is. It will compound the benchmarking on pain reduction levels and increases in range of motion that we set during our sessions together, it’s part of the hard evidence that makes your recovery tangible, and this is key to maintaining a positive outlook on your recovery.

It is really important during this period of social distancing and isolated existence we all do the best we can to keep up with our well being, many of us are offering online services, myself included. I can help you with self care for your body and we can maintain and work on any of the injuries or chronic pain issues we were working on through the fabulous use of modern tech! Don’t be shy, get in touch!

I practise yoga with Mindful Body Yoga, currently accessible as online classes. You can find out more

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