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Take your Yoga brain with you to the gym!

As I always say to all my clients, Yoga is a fundamentally good basis for any kind of regular mindful practise. What we learn through consistent yoga practise is focus, good breathing techniques, strength and suppleness, as well as all the positive emotional benefits a good yoga practise can give. For those days when you want to work your body in a passive way, stretch out the bad postures of the week and clear your mind. I have found that a basic yoga class is a perfect foundation to any other physical development any one wants to undertake. It compliments the other extremes, Martial Arts, Strength Training, and any other fitness workouts. When you are in the gym or the dojo, take your yoga mind with you, Focus, use your breath and be mindful of any of your practises. For those of you looking to make a lifestyle change, start here, start now with YOGA!  Join me in my favourite class on Thursdays 8pm with Poppy Alfredo @factory_ldn

Big Tiger Hug.


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