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The Power of your Effleurage

If you are a massage therapist you probably already know that your effleurage serves several purposes.

For all you lovely clients out there, effleurage is the first stroke of a massage that is characterised by its long, soothing technique. It is your first point of contact with each other as therapists and clients, it is a link between different parts of the treatment and often between different techniques. It applies the massage medium and is the start of all massage treatments, but more importantly it establishes an immediate relationship between therapist & client from the second you start your treatment.

It tells the client if they have come to the right place, it tells the client if they are going to enjoy the power of your touch and it sets into motion the flow of the rest of your treatment.

Effleurage means 'skim the surface, stroke lightly' it is well known that touch is a powerful healing tool, that a hug has the power to alleviate & reassure, a handshake to confirm or establish, so can you imagine the power of massage as a remedial tool?

Effleurage is a move that can easily be taken for granted in its role as a starting point because of the excitement we as therapists (especially those of us who do more sports massages) feel in wanting to 'fix' and heal, we want to find and work on those knots, adhesions, and trigger points, we want to make you feel super special, it is what comes naturally to us. so what happens to our 3 stroke effleurage now we have applied the medium?

Sometimes it is far too easy to move on from effleurage and if you find yourself doing so, Stop, take a deep breath, strip it right back to basics.

The power of the effleurage movement is fundamental in relaxing, warming and reassuring the client. The effleurage movement is your opportunity to present yourself to the client, if you take some time with the effleurage stroke you can apply variation, depth and gentle reassuring, firm pressure.

Followed with petrissage (kneading and warming techniques) manipulating the soft tissues, will be easier, with less force needed to break down scar tissue, adhesions, knots and tension.

An all round better treatment for therapist and client. Like most therapists I pride myself on my technique that goes from strength to Tiger strength, not because I can apply more pressure or 'inflict more pain' as is commonly associated with Sports Massage, but because I draw upon everything I've learnt and continue to learn through education, exchanges and constant revision. I blend my skills and embrace the dynamics of both Holistic and Sports Treatments.

I love my work and I love making you better.

🤲🏻Be your best•🐅 Be your very best•🐅Be More Tiger 🤲🏻


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